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Patagonia Motorcycles was founded by a man with a passion for motorcycles. From a young age the founder, Fernando Ferreyra, found himself fascinated with the mechanics of motorcycles. Fernando would frequently be found dismantling and rebuilding motorbikes with the aspiration of owning one himself someday. When he came to the US (from Argentina) as a young man this dream came true when he obtained a job at a high end and reputed Ducati race shop in Ft. Lauderdale Florida.


Fernando spent six years working and growing in his knowledge of motorcycles at this Ducati shop. With a thirst for knowledge he became a respected Ducati mechanic and known for his solid understanding of the bikes. Spending everyday surrounded by the motorcycles, Fernando quickly found himself desiring to get on the bikes himself. This aspiration quickly became reality when he found MiniGP Racing.

fernando-touring-argentina-sell-my-motorcycle-fl-230x230Fernando quickly fell in love with the art of racing. And transitioned to become not just a road racer – but a professional AMA road racer. Racing actively for many years, Fernando never imagined his life would take the path it did. Fernando discovered though that there are more than one avenue of motorsports and entered the world of motocross, enduro, trail riding and began traveling different countries on his bike.

fernando-ferreyra-ducating-flying-sell-my-motorcycle-fl-220x210As Fernando explored the other avenues of the sport, Fernando started to see beyond the intense adrenaline of racing. He began to understand that riding a bike is actually the point where everything around you stops and you flow/begin to understand yourself and the machine. This mindset became particular meaningful for himself when
he was touring Argentina on his motorcycle and felt committed to quite his job and start his own motorcycle job.

fernando-jumping-argentina-sell-my-motorcycle-fl-220x210After returning from his adventure trip in Argentina, Fernando opened up the doors to Patagonia Motorcycles. If you are looking to sell your bike or buy a new one call Fernando today!

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