About Our Dealership

Patagonia Motorcycles is owned and operated by genuine motorcycle enthusiasts. Originally started out of a garage, Patagonia has seen its inventory grow to over 200 used bikes. Our success has been thru the many local customers we have established over the years and our efforts to continue to earn that loyalty. It is our priority to sell clean preowned motorcycles at reasonable prices and offer a wide variety of makes and models. We are easy to get to and are located right in North Miami Beach, Florida. We want your visit to be as easy and enjoyable as possible. Our staff will take the time to provide you with the right guidance you need, making your purchase as simple as possible. Unless you are financing, don’t expect to be stuck at our dealer for hours signing papers. We know you want to get on the road! We are located at 2269 NE 164 St, NMB, Florida 33160. We have a wide variety of bikes on our floor and have something for everyone. Stop by today and let us help you get your dream ride.

Fernando Ferreyra

Patagonia Motorcycles was started and established by motorcycle racers. The founder, Fernando Ferreyra, started off his passion for motorcycles when he started working as a mechanic at a reputable Ducati shop. Only a kid at the time, he got into racing MiniGP and then quickly got into road racing. It was on the track that he found his love for the sport and started racing AMA.  Fernando worked hard to earn his place on the gate and won or placed top three in many races (including an 8-hour race at Daytona International Speedway). Fernando eventually transitioned to motocross and off-road racing. Fernando found he had the drive for that as well and even won a Baja 1000 race class with his teammates. 

With such an extreme lifestyle, Fernando found that racing was not enough to fill his desire to ride. So he started going on adventure rides. One year while taking an adventure ride in Argentina he rode thru Patagonia. It was here, in Patagonia Argentina, that he felt inspired to take on a new life path. When he returned from his motorcycle adventure ride he left his job at the Ducati shop and started selling bikes out of his garage.  It was a one-man operation but the inventory quickly grew larger than the house could handle. With bikes flowing into the kitchen and living room, it was time to obtain a small warehouse and become a licensed dealer. This warehouse only held about 30 bikes, so he decided it was time to take it to the next level. He found a larger shop in North Miami Beach and upgraded his endeavor. His partner at the time, Crystal Campagna, helped build him a website/POS system, etc… and soon the shop was up and running. Fernando Ferreyra never would have imagined that one motorcycle ride thru Patagonia would change the direction of his life completely.

Crystal Campagna

Patagonia Motorcycles was not founded alone. With an uncanny ability to buy and sell bikes, Fernando lacked the time or know-how to take on the office side required for any successful business. His partner, Crystal Campagna, stepped up to the plate and got the office/marketing/financing side of the business up and running. This was a natural transition as Crystal came from a “motorcycle background.”

Crystal got into racing motorcycles when she was 17 years old. Coming from a family of motorcycle enthusiasts, Crystal’s mother and father did the unthinkable and got her a Yamaha R6 at seventeen. On her bright purple R6 Crystal tried out her first track day. While at the track day she crashed her Yamaha R6 at 100+. The next practice session (after low siding her bike down the straightaway) Crystal jumped on her mother's Ducati and took it out for the next session. It was here a local motorcycle shop spotted her and decided anyone who would go out the next session after a high-speed crash was either crazy or the perfect/fearless little racer. The shop asked to sponsor her to get her race license. This was the introduction Crystal needed to get into the racing scene and would be her life for the next ten years. At only 4’10 Crystal quickly obtained the nickname “little racer” and also started coaching for fun at a local track club. In between college and a boring major in accounting, Crystal would spend the weekends away with her parents racing throughout the country. With races in Virginia, New Hampshire, Alabama, New Jersey, etc… Crystal and her family devoted their lives entirely to the motorcycle scene.

Eventually, she moved to Florida to be in weather she could ride year-round and transitioned to motocross racing. It was here she discovered her passion for the air but also learned how painful it can be to crash from such heights. After getting into motocross for a few years, she decided she wanted to do it full-time. So she left her comfy Sr. Financial Analyst position at Royal Caribbean and became the manager of a motocross park in Miami Florida. It was not an easy task, but she devoted herself to that for three years and eventually transitioned to part-time while helping build Patagonia Motorcycles. Due to the demands of the motorcycle dealer, she eventually transitioned fully to Patagonia Motorcycles. With a life completely dedicated to bikes and also utilizing her background in finance, Crystal is now the full-time F&I Manager at the dealership. Crystal still rides her bike on the street and participates in motocross as a recreational pastime.