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What Credit Ratings Qualify For Financing?

  • We work with multiple lenders who offer financing for subprime and prime candidates. Zero credit? No problem! We work with you personally to find the best lender to suit your needs. .

Do I Need a Down Payment?

  • If you have credit over 620, you may not require a down payment. The down payment is dependent on the maximum amount the bank offers to finance for your desired motorcycle. Bikes 2008 and newer, have a higher chance of requiring zero down. Bikes older than ten years, generally will require a down payment.
  • If your credit rating is below 620 you will need a down payment. The amount down varies between 10% to 30% depending on what risk tier the subprime lender places you in.

My Credit Rating is Below 620. Can I Apply For Any Bike?

  • For applicants with credit below 620, three conditions must be met:
    • 1) Motorcycle has to be 2008 and newer.
    • 2) Motorcycle must have 35,000 miles or less.
    • 3) Applicants provable income must be a minimum of $2000.

Is Insurance Required for Financing?

  • Yes, insurance is required to finance.
    • Coverage Requirements: Full Coverage – Comprehensive ($1000 deductible or less) and Collision ($1000 deductible or less).

What Documents Must I Provide For Financing?

  • If your credit rating is over 620, we will require a copy of your drivers license. We may require proof of income, depending on what bank requests.
  • If your credit rating is below 620, you will require the following:
    • 1) Drivers License
    • 2) Three Months of Bank Statements
    • 3) Paystub
    • 4) Proof of Residency

Do I Need a Social Security Number to Finance?

  • Yes, all lenders we work with require a social security number.

Extended Warranties and GAP

  • We are an authorized RPM One Dealer. We offer Extended Service Contracts, GAP, and Priority Maintenance contracts.  To learn more, or get a quote, contact us today.

How Long Does the Finance Process Take?

  • If you have credit over 620, we can have you rolling out of dealership the same day.
  • If you have subprime lending, the process is dependent on how fast you provide us the appropriate documents.

What Year Bike Can I Finance?

  • If your credit is 620 and over, there is no limit on the motorcycle year.
  • For subprime candidates, the motorcycle must be ten years or newer (2008 or newer).

I’ve Declared Bankruptcy, Can I Get Financing?

  • Yes, we have lenders that will consider clients who have declared bankruptcy.

Trade-Ins For Financing?

  • Yes, we accept trade-ins. To obtain an estimate, please bring motorcycle to shop or send us high qualify photos showing condition of motorcycle.

Financing Out-of-State

  • I live out of state, can I qualify for financing? This is determined on a case-by-case basis. Call us to find out if your state qualifies

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